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One Solution, Three Campaigns

Quickly and easily create compelling Referral, Loyalty and Sweepstakes campaigns that will engage and excite your users.

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Social Media Buzz
Create a buzz around your brand and boost viral traction with a Referral Program.
Build Mailing List
With the help of Sweepstakes, build a large mailing list in a short period of time.
Get Repeat Shoppers
Using our Loyalty Program, you will get your customers coming back again and again.
Referral Program
  • Quickly and easily create a compelling word of mouth promotion where users will be rewarded for sharing your products with their friends. Each time their friends make a purchase using the referral link, your users will get rewards, causing them to refer even more friends.

Loyalty Program
  • Increase engagement and excitement of your users by creating a loyalty program which will reward users for every purchase they make. When they make purchases, they will get a coupon each time, that they can use to make future purchases, causing them to keep coming back again and again.

Contest and Sweepstakes
  • Build a contest or sweepstakes where your users will be entered to win by simply filling out their information. At the end of the drawing period, you will select a winner. This will increase brand awareness and excitement within your users.